Takashi is a small consultancy delivering successful projects in developed and developing countries with a focus on mobile telecommunications, financial services, smart use of information technology, product strategy and feasibility and business transformation.


Takashi is a small consultancy and projects bureau that works currently in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia on electronic banking distribution projects, mobile telecommunications strategy projects, mobile financial services products and business models, correspondent/agency banking and product development.

Experienced in all sorts of scale, from large organisations (like banks and telcos) to small start-ups alike, we are committed to projects that leverage their unique skills: managing complexity, focusing on business value and achievable goals, remaining flexible, finding and addressing new challenges (e.g. creating differentiators).


Originally created in 2000 by a team of mobile professionals, Takashi was set up to work out smarter ways for operators to deal with customer interaction and loyalty, and to deliver core communications services, information and applications through mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs).  Since 2001, Dan Armstrong has continued work in numerous other capacities, in consulting capacities for more than 35 projects for 24 banks, mobile operators, service providers, and companies with mobile aspirations in Europe, Asia, North and South America and Africa.

Our focus and expertise has grown to encompass financial services strategy and projects, using electgronic channels for effective distribution (in banking, this includes ATMs, internet banking, branch network design, contactless payments or NFC), as well as launching products in mature and developing countries, business feasibility, public policy, alliances and navigating regulatory environments.SS

Global Scope

Takashi prides itself on a world-wide scope, with project work on 5 continents and in 30+ countries countries since 2000, we always try to bring best practises from different markets to our projects.